Cebu is the focal point of the Visayas and one of the main commercial and leisure centers of the Philippines.

Easily accessible to travelers, Cebu has one of the country’s busiest international airports, with direct flights to and from Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

While much smaller compared to Luzon or Mindanao, this geographic center is a giant in its cultural and economic contributions to the Philippines.

Yearly, Cebu draws 4.3 million foreign and local travelers for its vibrant capital, dreamy beaches, and colorful traditions.

Nearby dive spots, moreover, are teeming with some of the rarest aquatic life in the region, offering some of the best diving in the globe.

Mactan Island

Most travelers who visit Cebu begin and end their adventure on Mactan Island through its international airport. Seagrove is just 15 minutes away from the airport and is accessed through Punta Engaňo Road where most of the resorts in Mactan are located.

Mactan Island features some of the best global hotel and resort brands in the country. Seagrove will be home to the first Holiday Inn Resorts in the country and will be the first amongst many exciting leisure to concepts on open in its grounds.

From Mactan, travelers are easily and quickly transported from the lively urban offerings of the city to island destinations with white-sand beaches and a fantastic range of aquatic life. Seagrove is 5 minutes away from the Punta Engano wharf, which ferry adventure seekers to quick island getaways or to some of the best diving spots in Cebu.

The island’s various sea ports ferry adventure seekers to quick island getaways, such as Malapascua and Moalboal off the northern and southernmost tips of Cebu.

Cebu City

Just a 45 minute drive from Mactan is, Cebu City. Cebu’s capital is a treasure trove of delights with its exciting culinary scene, growing retail landscape, and dynamic entertainment circuit.

From quaint to trendy, Cebu City’s lifestyle scene offers all the comforts travelers need, but coupled with a laid-back charm that most visitors find relaxing and refreshing.

Many of the country’s top creative movers—from fashion and interior designers to architects, chefs, and painters—proudly call Cebu home.

Beyond this wealth of artistry and heritage, the island’s prime attractions are its lively metropolis with Ayala Center Cebu—managed by the same team behind Seagrove—as its premiere mixed-use commercial district.

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