The Seagrove Boardwalk

A sea change in fun is happening in Mactan with the launch of the country’s very first boardwalk. This 500m seafront promenade will bring an existing and fresh mix of retail and entertainment concepts to Cebu.

Reminiscent of the great boardwalks of the world, travelers will be treated to top retail and dining options—from the best in Cebuano cuisine, to iconic handicraft shops, to top global lifestyle and adventure brands.

Various theme-park attractions are also set to open shop. A fish-feeding pool, entertainment arcades, street performances, confectionaries, and iconic Cebuano culinary stops will soon await visitors.


Seagrove Lagoon

The Seagrove Lagoon brings new adventures in fun with its network of interconnected nature inspired themed pools—truly an attractions for all ages.

This watercourse of pools, streams, and ponds will run through the center of Seagrove and will serve as the focal point of the estate.

Targeted to deliver an Ecofun experience, the Lagoon will contain sports pools, ambient lounge pools, mineral springs, rock pools, and fish ponds to engage a wide range of interests.


Mangrove Forest

Nature’s majesty is on full display as Seagrove opens a panorama of Magellan Bay and its lush mangrove forest.

Set amid the bay’s clear blue waters, this water-woods of aquatic trees, seagrass, and coral reefs is a fitting backdrop to Seagrove’s focus on nature and biodiversity.

But more than a scenic background, the mangrove will allow visitors to kayak, kitesurf, paddle board, and snorkel to fully appreciate this majestic stage of aquatic wildlife and biodiversity.


Pedestrian Corridor

Retail therapy takes on a cool island vibe at Seagrove’s Pedestrian Corridor.

The corridor begins at the Entry Plaza, with its 40-meter frontage facing a four-lane tree-lined road.

From here, travelers step into a 15-meter Pedestrian Spine that cuts across the entire estate. This will lead to various pathways of retail clusters, all blanketed and embraced by canopies of trees and various island blooms.


Holiday Inn Resort

Holiday Inn will operate their very first resort hotel in the Philippines under their Holiday Inn Resort brand. With nearly 1,200 hotels worldwide today, the Holiday Inn brand is the largest and most recognized hotel brand in the world and will be a welcome attraction to Seagrove.

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